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This cedar strip wood kayak  was designed in response to  a request from a customer  who desired "... a narrow wood kayak that is between 16 and 17 feet long and with a slightly lower deck than the Spring Run."

"The Silver" was designed along similar lines of the Return; however,  in addition to slightly narrowing the beam, we also redesigned the deck -- allowing a greater range of upper body movement for a paddler of smaller stature.

The slight rocker incorporated into the fore section of the hull ensures great maneuverability, and the deeper keel line aft contributes to  effortless tracking -- no need for a rudder here!

"The Silver" is a superb cedar strip wood kayak and fills the performance niche that existed between the Spring Run and the Return. It is a beautiful boat and an exciting addition to our growing family of wooden sea kayaks!


                                                                          “Joe - it's a dream to paddle and I'm looking forward to all the hours of paddling I have ahead of me!                                                                               The seat is great, as well.  Thanks for the plan and all your help, I'll be thinking of you every time I get in it!

                                                                                                                    …..  Sandy Osler"


                Length overall       - 16' 9"   
                Waterline length   - 15' 0"   
                Beam                      - 22 1/4"      
                Waterline beam    - 20 3/4"
                Weight                    - 36 # 

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