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"Spring Run"

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If a person were allowed to own only one wood sea kayak then the "Spring Run" would have to be near the top of most everyone's list!

Although about one foot shorter than "The Return", this wood sea kayak is nearly as fast.

Stability is such that all types of "hands free" activities like photography, fishing, and the use of binoculars are easily mastered; and there is enough maneuverability to satisfy even the most ardent and inquisitive "poker"!

This kayak has slightly greater volume than "The Return" and the cockpit area is such that the larger paddler will be very appreciative of the extra room.

Optional versions to the standard 16'9" Spring Run are:

The Spring Run "S" - a 16' version for smaller/lighter paddlers    
The Spring Run "L" - a 17' 9" version for heavier/larger paddlers
Both the "S" and "L" versions maintain the same 23-7/8" beam as the original

The Spring Run "Kenai" - a larger volume version with a 25" beam and  17'9" length



         Length overall        - 16' 9" 

         Waterline length    - 14' 10" 

         Beam                       - 23 7/8"

         Waterline beam     - 22 1/2"

         Weight                     -  36#


I wanted to say thank you for all the effort you put into the Spring Run plans and instructions! And also a big thank you for helping me out with my questions over the phone and email. The process was very enjoyable for me and now I have an awesome kayak that I can take great pride in. 

Thanks again!

Nathan Heustis"

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