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" The Return "


"The Return" is a fast and responsive wooden sea kayak. Its shallow arched bottom, modest rocker, and moderate chine keep wetted surface area to a minimum. These characteristics together with fine entry and exit lines, longer waterline, and narrower beam will reward the energetic paddler with noticeably greater upper end speed.

Weathercocking is virtually nil and the need for a rudder has been all but eliminated.

We have used "The Return" for extended camping trips and have had plenty of volume to accommodate all of our gear.

Enough stability has been added to this design that it will still qualify as an all-around wooden kayak; even beginning paddlers should have no problem feeling comfortable after only a few sessions on the water.

                   Length overall       - 18' 2"   

                   Waterline length   - 17' 0"   

                   Beam                      - 22 3/8" 

                   Waterline beam    - 21"  

                   Weight                    - 36 #





 ………...  The Return is still my favorite boat to paddle!  She took me down the Yukon River this summer and  across Lake Lebarge,  through 4' swells in following seas with breaking waves.

As expected, the Return handled everything with aplomb and finesse. 
                                                 John Minor"

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