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                                                      Kayak Building Kits

Redfish has been providing quality Wood Kayak Kits since 1992.  

Designed for those who wish to shorten the time it takes to build and for those who may not  have ready access to the required materials. 

Our comprehensive building manual is very complete and includes color photographs - helping you visualize the wood kayak building process from beginning to end. 

We are always available to answer questions via e-mail or telephone if ever the need should arise.

Look into our "Workshop Programs" if you would like to build your kayak in our shop.


King, Return, Silver, Spring Run - $1795 plus shipping

Parr - $1395 plus shipping

  • Pre-cut station forms are available for those building from plans only (no kit) and are supplying their own materials but don't wish to cut their own forms. The price for pre-cut station forms is $195 plus shipping

wood kayak kit forms
Kayak kit
kayak kit coaming
wood kayak kit deck rigging
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