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Kayak Building Workshops


We Offer Kayak Building Workshops Throughout The Year ......

 .....but because not everyone can tailor their schedules as they please, we have designed several course options that will enable you to participate  in our workshops and do so within a timeframe that suits your own schedule.

  • "Classic Workshop" - working side by-side with the instructor and other students, you will learn the methods and techniques that are required to build a wood strip kayak or canoe. Everything - from building and setting up the strongback, milling and installing the strips,  fiberglassing the hull, and adding the finishing touches - will be demonstrated. At the end of the workshop the  kayak will be offered to one of the students for the cost of materials. You will walk away from this workshop with knowledge of all the  tips and techniques required to build your own woodstrip kayak.
    This course lasts 7 days.

  • "Pre-Built Workshop" - by using one of our pre-built wood strip hulls, you can come away from this workshop with your own kayak in hand! You will build the deck of your kayak utilizing the same techniques we used to pre-build your hull. Taking advantage of this option will allow you to build and walk away with your own kayak in 10 working days. You must sign up for this class 30 days prior to your estimated arrival - this allows us time to build your hull and have it ready for you once you arrive.

  • "Casual Workshop" - recognizing that not everyone can set aside a full 7 to 12 day time period to attend one of our other workshops, we have designed a program that will allow you to set your own kayak building schedule - work at your own pace and at the times of your choosing. We will supply all of the workshop space, tools, materials, and instruction. You simply show up whenever you wish - anytime from  9am -  9pm Monday through Friday (weekends occasionally also). 
    Additionally, you can cut your build time nearly in half if you allow us to pre-build your hull for you - however, the deck is still your responsibility!
    Note: you are allotted  3 months for your project - special arrangements must be made if your project extends beyond this.


"Classic Workshop" 

March 30th - April 5th, 2020. This class will be taught at the Redfish shop in Port Townsend, Washington
Cost -

"Casual Workshop"  

Ongoing  at the Redfish Shop in Port Townsend, Washington
Cost - $4000 ($4500 pre-built hull option)

"Pre-Built Workshop"  

Currently scheduling. This class will be taught at the Redfish shop in Port Townsend, Washington
Cost -

Call or e-mail me for more information about these classes.

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