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Cove & Bead Wood Strips

When building a woodstrip kayak you will be investing approximately 200 hours (or more) of your time. Because this is a large commitment, we feel that you should be able to choose the colors and/or species of wood that will be used in the various components of the boat. 


With a Redfish Kit you will be able to choose from the following woods with which to build the coaming wall, the coaming lip, and the outside stems (this is the keel area at the bow and stern of the kayak):

     "Honduran Mahogany" - a medium brown/orange wood with a very rich finished appearance

     "Walnut" - a dark brown to chocolate colored wood

     "Alaskan Yellow Cedar" - light blond wood that contrast very nicely with the darker tones


 Whenever possible you will receive full length strips for the hull and deck - this means  

 you will not be required to butt join shorter pieces together. 


Approximately 80%" of your strips will consist of Western Red Cedar in medium tones

 ranging in color from blonde to gold to dark honey. 

 Approximately 10%" of  your strips will be of  Alaskan Yellow Cedar for adding very light

 colored accents to your kayak

 Approximately 10%" of  your strips will be made up of a darker toned Western Red Cedar so as to allow you to introduce even more contrast to

 your kayak.

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