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"The King"


The King is designed for the intermediate to advanced paddler, but given a few hours on the water, even a beginning paddler will soon learn to appreciate the unique handling characteristics of this exceptional sea kayak.

The hull configuration affords the King great performance - fast, maneuverable, and highly responsive to leaned turns.

Tracking is strong enough to satisfy those who like to paddle "Point A to Point B" and weathercocking is surprisingly neutral for a kayak that features this degree of maneuverability.


Redfish's unique "Roller's Recess TM" lowers the rear of the coaming to allow for comfortable and efficient layback rolls.  Aft of the recess, volume is reintroduced -  you can still carry the gear required for that extended trip if desired. This kayak may also be built with a standard recess if layback rolls are not part of your repertoire.  


  •  Length overall         - 17' 9"

  •  Waterline length     - 15' 6"   

  • Maximum beam      - 21-3/8" 

  •  Waterline beam      - 20-7/8"      

  •  Weight                      - 38 lbs

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